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Rattlesnake Dog Avoidance Training
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GetRattled Rattlesnake Avoidance Training for dogs aims to ensure your dog and your family never has to go through the tragedy of a Venomous Bite which can cause excruciating pain, permanent physical damage, Thousand$ of dollars in expense, and even Death! GetRattled training will bring you peace of mind that your dog will avoid a dangerous rattlesnake encounter.

Don’t see a class in your area?

How would you like to bring these Invaluable, Life-Saving Training Classes to your community, while at the same time earning funds for your business or organization?

GetRattled is looking to develop working relationships with clubs, organizations, and businesses to bring these clinics to new areas where they are needed! Not only is this an opportunity to promote your organization by providing your clients, members, and the community with these precious, life-saving clinics, but it is also a great way to raise funds through our Host Program.

Some of the groups that have hosted our clinics include: Sporting Goods Stores, Veterinary Clinics, Dog Clubs and Kennels, Hunting Clubs, Hiking, Athletic, and Fitness Clubs, and event just concerned Dog Owners!

We only have a limited number of dates available and these fill up fast, sometimes even a full year in advance! Please contact us now to learn more about this fantastic fund-raising and community service opportunity!

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