K9 Therapists of Las Vegas

K9 Therapists of Las Vegas

Our group began in 1988 when Frances Arager, a rehabilitation nurse at the University Medical Center, realized the emotional benefits of a pet/canine therapy for her patients. After stringent review from the hospital administration, the Humane Society was contacted and asked to bring their dogs on a trial basis.

In no time the visits became an anticipated event in the rehabilitation ward. Over the years the program branched out to include six additional wards. When the Humane Society reorganized in 1992 the K-9 Therapists of Las Vegas was formed as a nonprofit organization that would continue to serve the community.

K-9 Therapists of Las Vegas has a constantly changing number of handler-dog teams. We have branched out to include most of the valley hospitals and rehabilitation centers, many senior care facilities, hospice, convalescent homes, reading programs, special events, a youth care facility and some facilities for treatment of mental health.

The present group uses the guidelines as stated by three nationally recognized therapy organizations: Therapy Dogs Incorporated, Therapy Dogs International, and the Delta Society.

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