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One of a kind, interactive cat hotel!
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Vegas Cat House is a cage free environment for the social cat in your life, we pride ourselves with it’s interactive environment especially designed for your cat(s). We have a beautiful 55 gallon fish tank that provides hours of entertainment, it is close to the ground, “cat level” for your kitties to watch. We also have the first of its kind organically grown “cat nip and wheat grass bar”, providing fresh digestible greens including fresh wheat grass.

Just outside of our three enormous windows are multiple bird feeders for your favorite cat to watch as they lazily nap on several of our extra large cat trees just basking in the sun.

If your favorite feline would prefer his/her own “space” and is most happy being the only cat, we have options for this as well.
Does your cat need medicine or special care? We can administer it’s medication we ease and comfort.

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