Road Apple Acres Horse Rescue

Road Apple Acres Horse Rescue
Road Apple Acres Horse Rescue

Our Mission: Road Apple Acres is a nonprofit 501 (c)(3) organization dedicated to the prevention of cruelty to animals, especially horses.  Horses should have safety, peace, and dignity throughout their lives. Our commitment is to give them the respect, care, and love they deserve.

Why Your Help is Important to Us!  Our first rescue here was in 2005.  It is hard for us to ignore the conditions and training practices that put many horses in need of help.

Funds generated go mainly for feed, haul water and veterinary care.  If rehabilitated, horses are “re-homed” with a supervision clause.  Or sponsorships are available (horse stays here, public support donations help their care expenses.

Dignity is retirement here, to live out their days until time comes for a humane burial and not be subjected to a slaughter-bound Hell!

We currently have 9 permanent resident “special needs” and 2 goats in our herd. The Board votes on acceptance, Negative Coggins quarantine and full ownership transfer of horse for R.A.A. So, if you have a heart to lend a helping hand, donate funds to this cause, you have our herd’s heartfelt thanks!

Phone Number:
(928) 249-0247

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