PAWS On My Way Home Rescue

PAWS On My Way Home Rescue

We are excited to announce the joining of 2 organizations with 1 common mission – the ethical rescuing and rehabilitation of animals in need, the promotion and pursuit of responsible pet ownership, spaying/neutering, counseling of families wanting to retain their animals, medical care for our rescue animals, and the placement of our animals into the home best suited to their individual needs.

With PAWS (Pet Awareness and Welfare Services) as the driving force behind raising funds and community awareness and with On My Way Home Rescue performing ethical rescue/rehabilitation/placement of animals, the joining of these two organizations was a natural and logical fit.  We are now known as PAWS On My Way Home Rescue.

Our shared passion for animal welfare and our common mission will improve the lives of even more animals and we are proud to share this great news.  Thank you for your ongoing support and enthusiasm for our united mission!

In 2007, we realized that the need our city was too great for the current rescues to handle.  We started out by rescuing dachshunds from high-kill animal shelters and placing them into loving forever homes.  Currently, we still rescue dogs from high-kill animal shelters, from owner surrenders, from neglect situations, and from puppy mill rescues as well.  Some of these animals have been abused, neglected, abandoned, forgotten, or simply re-homed due to necessity or convenience.  In our rescue, each animal receives a full medical evaluation, temperament testing, foster care, spay/neuter, micro-chipping, vaccinations, dental attention if needed, and other medical care as-needed before being placed into an appropriate foster home.  Their individual needs are identified and addressed prior to their adoption into loving forever homes. Because we tailor the rescue process to the unique characteristics of each animal, we have enjoyed a great success rate with our adoptive families.  The animals remain our focus at all times.  We want to promote the understanding with people that adopting a rescue animal is a gift that you give to yourself more than you give to the animal.  PAWS On My Way Home Rescue is a non-profit animal rescue with the goal of giving displaced animals a place to recover while a forever home is found.  We work entirely through volunteers and foster families  – both of which are always desperately needed.  If you are interested in becoming a foster family, feel free to complete a foster application and begin a very rewarding journey.

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