Wa-Hya’s Special Breed Rescue

Wa-Hya’s Special Breed Rescue

We are not a shelter, but a private rescue facility. We do not take aggressive dogs, period. Either human aggressive, cat aggressive or dog aggresive. The only breeds we take as an owner turn-in is a Newfoundland, Newf-mix, or German Wirehaired Pointer. Owner turn-in’s are by appointment only. Please call ahead.

We are just 2 people who really try and help as many as we can. We are not huge, but do what we are able. We pull 1-2 at a time when we have room. We mainly have large breed dogs. Some have been in abusive situations including back yard breeders/puppy mills. Some are owner turn-in’s who need just as much help or they would end up in the shelter. Most of these dogs were on their last hour of life.



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