Fire and Ice Horse Training & Rescue

Fire and Ice Horse Training & Rescue
Fire and Ice Horse Training & Rescue

Fire And Ice Horse Training and Rescue was created by Jennifer Osborne. We are an official nonprofit 501(c)3 organization approved by IRS on June 23, 2013, EIN#46-0578098.

About the Founder
Jennifer Osborne has been working with horses for over 30 years, with a concentration on hunter/jumpers. She is also a member of the Michigan State University Equestrian Team. Her B.S. is in Equine Science from Colorado State University. She is currently working as a firefighter. She has taken natural horseman ship classes with Monty Roberts, is a trail guide at Sundance Stables, and is also an avid rock climber.

Mission Statement
Fire and Ice Horse Rescue was started to provide and avenue for Thoroughbred horses to be retrained and re-homed as riding horses after they are done racing. The horses will be guided through the use of natural horsemanship and potential adopters will be educated in the horse’s care prior to adoption. With this process these fine equine athletes will be rescued from possible slaughter and abuse.

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