Urban Underdogs

Urban Underdogs
Urban Underdogs

“Serving Underserved Animals in the Las Vegas Valley”, is our mission.

Since 2016 we have been venturing underground into the tunnel’s, ravines, homeless encampments and low-income communities in search of pets in need. We take a very proactive approach to animal welfare. We are not a rescue, nor will we ever be. Our goal is to keep pets with their people. We do this through our Animeals (pet food assistance), Nip n Tuck (spay/neuter) & No Cooties (vaccine) programs. Besides providing the essentials, we also want each pet we help to be safe and happy, so we also supply them with harnesses, leashes, collars, pet beds, toys, treats and in the winter, pet sweaters & pet jackets and in the summer paw booties.

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