Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

October is the perfect time to adopt a dog; fantastic weather and lots of pet events and opportunities to socialize a new cuddly canine companion. Any time, however, is a good time to adopt a dog. There are a lot of good reasons to get a dog. Here are just a few:

➠ They’re great exercise motivators
Studies have shown that dog owners are more active than non-dog owners. Dogs need daily exercise and you’ll appreciate the discipline of daily walks. Of course, physical activities like playing fetch, tug of war, and running or jogging are great ways to add more exercise into your daily routine. 

➠ They can improve our social lives
It is easier to meet new people when walking your dog or make new friends by going to obedience classes.

➠ Dogs offer emotional support
Their love is unconditional and they provide comfort and companionship. You’re never really alone when you have a dog in your life. They’re a forever companion who will share your life and become your best friend.

➠ They help lower stress levels
15-30 minutes a day spent with your dog will help you feel more calm and relaxed. The time can be spent watching TV together, relaxing and reading a book, or cuddling in bed.

Fall in Love with your forever friend!