What Your Dog Sitter Needs to Know

Leaving your pet can be stressful, but there are things you can do to make it a little easier.  If you have a reputable pet sitter that can come to the house, you’ll want your pet sitter to be as prepared as possible to make them feel more confident while watching your pets. It will also make you feel relieved having all bases covered.

Here is some information your dog sitter will want to know about your fur-baby:
– Feeding Schedule and how much, including daily snacks
– Any allergies or medications
– Dog(s) fears or quirks
– Potty breaks (times and intervals between each).
– Should your dog be exercised?
– Vet and vet emergency phone numbers, locations & hours
– Phone number of where to reach you
– Bedtime – is your dog the type who knows their bedtime and starts to get antsy summoning you to bed as the clock strikes that hour?  If so, your sitter will want to know this! Along those same lines, where does the dog(s) sleep?

Another option is to board your dog in a kennel. Hopefully your pooch won’t mind spending a few days away from family to discover new and exciting territories! When choosing the kennel for your dog, there are some additional factors to consider:
Cost:  Make sure that the final amount due meets your budget.
Scheduling time:  Find out how much time in advance you need to schedule your pet’ stay.
Dog interaction:  Does this facility have a play area for all of the dogs to get to know each other?  This can be a great advantage if you have a dog who loves social activities, but some dogs don’t play well with others.  You can let the facility know your preference.
Is someone always on premises?  If there’s an emergency, will someone be there to bring your dog to safety?
Emergency Vet: Unfortunately, accidents happen, and sometimes healthy dogs become ill.  Is there an emergency veterinarian on call and will they take appropriate action to get your dog immediate care?
What if You Can’t Pick Them Up due to Your Own Emergency?  Be sure to have a contingency plan in your absence in case you are delayed.

Don’t forget to inquire about these details as well!
• Drop off time, Pick up time
• Is there a group Discount for more than one dog or referral discount?
• Size of Pen
• Is there access to the outdoors from your dog’s pen?
• Exercise
• Cleanliness/ Temperature Controlled
• Live Cam Available?
• Will Someone administer medicines?

A few last items to bring:
* Vaccination papers
* Blanket/Toys/Beds
* Your dog’s food
* Treats
* Medicines (if applicable)

On the day of drop off, try to make it a positive experience.  Our dogs sense our moods and will pick up on anxiety or sadness.  Try to be relaxed and upbeat.  The better experience they have the first time, the less they will be frightened the next time!

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