Prevent Pet Suffocation

Pet suffocation happens every day and it’s a shock to pet parents who lose a pet in this manner. But what is it that’s causing pets to needlessly suffocate? Would you be surprised to learn that the main cause of suffocation is something that you have in your home? I’m talking about snack bags, chip bags, and other food containers like yogurt pots. Pet parents who discovered their pet had died from suffocation are devastated to find out it was something as simple as an empty bag.

Pets love the smell of food and a snack bag that’s easily accessible is a tempting danger. When a pet gets hold of a potato chip bag and put its head inside to lick it, the pet may be unable to get the bag off its head. The pet then panics and hyperventilates and the bag tightens around the face and neck. The scared cat or dog starts to run around in a frenzy and often defecates itself before succumbing to suffocation. This tragedy happens in a matter of minutes and this is completely preventable by implementing some simple precautions.

Transfer snacks into locking containers high on a shelf, always eat snacks from a bowl, not a bag, cut up your snack bags and food wrappers, buy a locking trash can, and get pet CPR certified.

If you have company staying or use a pet sitter you will need to educate them on the dangers of pet suffocation and show them what do to keep your pets safe. Small changes to you and your family’s daily routine will help prevent your pet from becoming a statistic. ©

For more information about pet, suffocation listen to my interview with Bonnie Harlan, founder of Prevent Pet Suffocation, at or visit Bonnie’s site at