Devoted to Animals? Tips To Help Rescues!

By Elizabeth Parker

Donate Money
If you don’t have the time, donate to your local animal rescue organization. No amount is too small. Think about it this way. If one hundred people contribute just one dollar to animal rescue that will be one hundred dollars that can pay for vaccinations for one dog or two night’s stay in boarding. It can buy a few bags of dog food and a couple of boxes of treats.

Don’t ever feel like your small contribution won’t help, because, without a shadow of a doubt, it will!

Donate Time
If you have time, rescue groups may need assistance transporting their rescues from house-to-house or from another state, or to their adoption events. If you have a vehicle and some free time, you can offer to help out!

In addition, rescue groups often need their volunteers to do a home inspection of a potential adopter to make sure their household is an appropriate fit for the dogs. Once you learn the ropes, you can offer your time to do home inspections.

Enjoy exercising? How about taking a four-legged friend with you? If you exercise like clockwork every day, this is the perfect opportunity to bring along a companion. Some rescue organizations have to keep dogs in boarding due to lack of volunteers and/or housing. Why not see if you can make it a point to take the dog out of boarding for an hour to go for a walk or run? The dogs will appreciate the much-needed exercise and you’ll have a someone to accompany you!

Spring Cleaning Time?
If so, check to see if you plan on disposing of any old towels, blankets, pillows, children or dog toys, dog beds. If the answer is yes, pack them in a bag and ask your local rescue group if they can use them for their dogs.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
If you’ve ever been told you have a good eye for photography, why not offer your services to take pictures of rescue animals available for adoption? If you have the knack, offer to take pictures of these dogs outside of their element, revealing their personalities. Not only will you make these dogs more adoptable, but you’ll add to your portfolio as well.

Do you have any extra room in your house? Do you have some time to take care of a dog until they find their forever home? If so, check out the rescue organizations in your area and ask to fill out an application to foster.

The possibilities are endless. Use your trade to help. If you can create a website, a rescue group might need one. Or they might need a blogger, an admin or an events coordinator, etc. If you’re unsure, it never hurts to ask how you can be of assistance!

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