Holiday Gift Ideas For Pets & Pet Lovers On Your List!

The joys of the holidays are the parties, special foods and gift giving. It is fun to watch our family and friends open the gifts we’ve carefully selected for them. However, selecting the right gifts for the family and friends on our list can be stressful. Here are few pet gift ideas for the pets and pet lovers on your list to help make holiday a little less stressful.

TOYS rank as the number one gift idea for our fur children. Pets need toys that provide stimulation and enrichment. Matching the toy with their personality, play style, and age stage is important. Before buying new toys for your fur children look through their existing toys. Are there toys they’ve outgrown and don’t play with anymore or perhaps never played with? This will give you an idea of what not to buy for your pet. Toys that are “gently used” and are in good condition can be donated to a shelter or rescue. Are there any favorites that are torn, dirty and beyond repair? Throw them away and buy new ‘faves’ for under the tree.

GIFTS OF FOOD AND TREATS  Great choices especially when paired with interactive puzzles, food or snack feeders. Helps add challenge to their daily snack routine. Water fountains are another gift idea in this category.

PET APPAREL What about a new coat or sweater? Pet bandanas are popular – some are whimsical and some have serious important messages imprinted on them.

TRAVEL GEAR for safe travels and excursions – pet car seats, safety harness, seat covers, or pet barriers for safer vehicle travel. Consider a portable pet travel cup, hiking backpack for dogs or cats, and pet strollers for longer walks, runs and hiking.

SAFETY ACCESSORIES including lighted leashes, collars, or vests are important items especially if you walk at times or in areas that not well lit.

GIFTS OF WELLNESS AND PAMPERING are always a good idea. Gift certificates for a grooming session, a pet massage, acupuncture sessions, and aquatic classes are great gifts.

Be careful you don’t overlook a precious gift… THE GIFT OF TIME! Pets love spending time with us. Create a coupon book with coupons good for One Hour at the Park, Dining out at a pet-friendly restaurant and include a few for Extra brushing and Grooming, Extra Playtime or other favorite activities your pet enjoys.

There are so many wonderful gift ideas for the pet lovers on our gift list. The most difficult part will be selecting only one or two of the ideas. The other difficult part will be resisting the temptation to do your own holiday shopping.

CLOTHING You can choose from a large selection of pet-themed apparel such as t-shirts, socks, hats, and even sleepwear. (Hint: I’m a Crazy Cat Lady who loves socks). Pet jewelry is another popular choice.

FOOD IDEAS Of course, every pet lover needs a new coffee mug or coaster or perhaps this year it could be wine glasses. Why not give your dog lover bone-shaped treat cutters or pet-shaped cutters?

JOURNALS AND STATIONARY There are so many possibilities of neat gifts in this category. Journals designed for dog, cat or other pets are fun gifts to buy and to receive. Some have blank pages only; others have a poem or quote to give journal entry ideas. Pet memory books provide detailed pages to record major events in your pet’s life and precious memories. Pet coloring books for adults are popular.

BOOKS, MAGAZINES AND PHOTOS Tabletop book of gorgeous pet photos, fiction and nonfiction pet books, and magazine subscriptions are just a few possible gift items. Photo frames and albums make great gifts and combining it with a gift certificate for a photo session with a pet photographer makes it a very thoughtful and personal gift.

GOOD NEWS for the pet lovers on your list who have no available space in their home for pet items. There are awesome ideas for the yard: welcome mats, mini flags, flower pots, garden sculptures & figurines to name a few. I saw a cute cat with tiny gnomes around it – perfect for the cat lover who also loves gnomes.

Everyone loves GIFT CERTIFICATES! Certificates to a pet-friendly restaurant or a local pet store will definitely be appreciated.

The best gift for many pet lovers on your list is a DONATION to their favorite pet rescue, shelter or pet charity in their honor. It is a thoughtful gift to honor both the pets and the pet lovers on your list.

One more idea: Consider creatively combining a number of the gifts mentioned above in a basket and add a few gifts for their pet also.

Including pets in the excitement and joy of holiday gift giving is one of the best ways to celebrate the holidays…. enjoy the season of giving!