It’s Springtime – fun things to do!

Springtime is always such a refreshing and energizing time of year.  We are ready to get outdoors and enjoy the warm sunshine, the cool breezes, and the aromatic smells of the season.  Like we humans, our pets are ready for all of the same exciting things that we enjoy about spring.  It’s time to get out of the house and have some FUN!

A great way to plan some spring activities is to get out and explore your neighborhood. Pack up your pup and go for a tongue-dangling, ear-flapping drive!  Seek out new parks and new walking trails. By avoiding the streets you normally travel, you may discover some hidden treasures that you never knew existed.  Finding new places to play and walk will be enjoyable and refreshing to you and your dog.  A new park filled with leaves, sticks, and new SMELLS might be exactly what your dog has been waiting for all winter!  Remember to maintain the 6 feet recommended distance from other people who are also enjoying outdoor fun.

If your dog prefers playtime at home, this would be a great time to bring out some old forgotten toys or maybe even a new one.  Tennis balls, soccer balls, stuffed animals, and the infamous tug-a-war sock always make for a fun-filled time.  For something different, you may want to try a little agility training.  See if your dog will jump over a stick or crawl under one.  Cardboard boxes can also add a lot of excitement.  Find some large boxes and make a tunnel for your dog to run through.  You may have to go through first, but that’s all part of the fun!   After a rambunctious romp in the yard, maybe a run through the sprinkler is in order?  Or, you may both be ready for a relaxing rest in the shade of your favorite tree.

When it comes to springtime enjoyment, we cannot forget our feline friends.  What are their favorite activities?  Taking a long, well-deserved nap in the warm spring sunshine?  Yes, you can share that with them.  Whether it’s an indoor spot beneath their favorite window or a cozy outdoor corner of the yard, your cat will enjoy your company while you sit beside them reading a good book.  (Occasional petting will be required.)

During your cat’s more active time of the day, try out some new cat toys or a new cat game.  As any cat owner can attest, virtually ANYTHING can become a cat toy!  An empty tape dispenser, a small hair brush, or even a plastic milk lid can miraculously be deemed a “cat toy” if your cat decides it is worthy. Try throwing a few different objects and see if your cat will play fetch.  You actually can teach some cats to fetch! (Perhaps “teach” is too strong a word.)  More simply, many cats will chase down a toy and bring it back to you IF, and ONLY if, they enjoyed it enough to want it thrown again.  Whether you are training them or they are training you, playing fetch can result in hours of entertainment for you both.

No matter what activities you choose to do this spring, it is the interaction with your pet that matters most. Have fun in the sun or sleep in the shade. You may even decide to do both!