June Is Adopt A Cat Month


You’ve decided to adopt a kitten or a cat. It is an exciting time for you and your cat. The initial period of introduction is so important.

Here are tips to give your kitty a smooth transition to your home:

Create a safe and secluded space:
Moving to a new home is a frightening experience for a cat. A kitten may have been removed from its mother and litter mates. An older cat may have been abandoned or re-homed and removed from a familiar place. Cats need solitude and quiet time. Place your cat in a comfortable room where they can be alone. Provide food, water, a litter box, comfortable bed and a couple of toys. This gives your new cat a chance to explore and familiarize themselves with their new surroundings. Be sure to spend plenty of time with your new kitty in their room.

Surround them with things that smell familiar:
Smells and scents are important to cats. Place items in their room that have your smells on them such as a t-shirt or a sweater. If you have other pets you can switch blankets so the cats can become familiar with their scents.

Slowly introduce your cat to their new home:
Gradually you can let your kitty explore other areas of your home and meet other pets. It can take several weeks for a cat to relax in their new home.