Making the Holidays Bright for your Favorite Rescue


It’s that time of year when we all want to do something special for someone. With so many wonderful organizations and charities to give to, we don’t want to forget the many animal rescue organizations that take care of so many unwanted animals all year long.  Help to make their holidays a little brighter by donating what you can and have FUN while you’re doing it.

Call your favorite rescue and find out what is on their “Wish List”.  Pack up the family or team up with your friends and plan a “Pet Shopping” day.  Dog beds, cat toys, food bowls, and dog collars can always be fun to shop for.  Other needs may be bags of dog food, cat food, bird seed, or kitty litter.

Helping a rescue make the holidays brighter for their animals, will undoubtedly make your holidays a little brighter too.