Marijuana Pet Safety

marijuana-pet-safetyPets and Pot ~ it’s not a Happy High

As more states legalize marijuana to varying degrees it is important for pet owners to be aware of the dangers it poses for animals.

While marijuana is rarely deadly it can cause serious illness in pets. One of the most common ways animals will ingest marijuana is when it has been left out and unattended. Although dogs more frequently will ingest marijuana this way, it can happen with cats also.

This may happen when the plant itself has been left out or when it has been incorporated into baked goods which some pets find especially appealing. Another way is by inhaling the smoke.

Beware that marijuana brownies are particularly unsafe because they include chocolate, an additional poison to dogs and cats, acting as a potent stimulant that can affect nervous systems negatively, causing illness or even death. Plus, dogs are attracted to the smell of chocolate as well as other baked goods, which makes them even more dangerous.

It is crucial to get animals who have been exposed to marijuana to a veterinarian immediately so their heart rate and body temperature can be monitored. Depending on their body’s response to the drug, their heart rate may be very low or very high, both of which can have life-threatening consequences.

In a recent survey of U.S. veterinarians conducted by Pets Best, the third most common toxin for which veterinarians treated dogs was marijuana.

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