National Day of the Horse

Horses have contributed so much to the development of our country. Our unique partnership with them enabled us to settle and build the nation we enjoy today. To honor the horse for the vital role it has played in shaping our nation, the United States Senate in 2004 designated December 13 as the officially recognized National Day of the Horse.

As we look back on the history of our country, it is hard to imagine what we would have done without the horse. They helped us explore and settle America by pulling our wagons, plowing our fields, herding our cattle, and even delivering our mail. They were our trucks, tractors, and postal carriers of the day. Their versatility made them an invaluable partner in the development of our nation.

Today we still use horses for ranching and recreational riding, but we have also learned to utilized their unique therapeutic qualities. The inherent calming effect that horses provide has been found to be beneficial to many that struggle with physical, social, and emotional difficulties. Those that suffer from anxiety disorder, communication deficits, physical limitations, and many other social/emotional issues have shown significant improvement from simple interactions with a horse.

On December 13, let’s all take a moment to be thankful for the horse. For nothing more than food, water, shelter, and hopefully loving strokes, the horse has provided us with so many gifts that have positively impacted our everyday lives. ©LVPSM