Pet Connection

Fact or Fiction?
We’ve all read stories of fairies or mermen, superheroes, or talking animals. As you’ve grown, differences between fact and fiction become clear. If you speak to your pet in the real world, it’s not going to chat in human language. Of course, if you were writing fantasy, anything would be possible. But, let’s consider the real world; your world.

School’s Back
It’s time and you’re back in class!  Hopefully, you’re happy to be there, yet it’s not like a vacation day.  Dealing daily with situations, you may go through ups and downs with learning, school activities, and  friends. You may experience stress. Do you know some people relax when they get home by talking to their pets?

What’s in the Studies?
There are ongoing studies to find out if animals really do comfort young, old, or learning-impaired persons. Some observers suggest the findings are inconclusive (That means nothing can be proven at this time). Beyond the softness, warmth, and compassionate eyes, would you say animals are good listeners? Maybe, like humans, it depends on the individual. Do you think animals have the ability to understand and encourage you? Do you talk to your pet?

Writing and Your Pet
Some children (and adults) write letters, then read them out loud to their pets. Truthfully, no one in our survey claimed doing this, but once I remember missing my cat at school. I scribbled a note during free time and read it to her when I got home. (If I’d done this more often, I may have developed better writing and speaking skills!)

Do you think my kitty understood? Maybe not, but animals do seem to pick up on the joy in our voices or tears in our eyes. Their reactions can be rewarding, heartwarming, or amusing. You may even gush with giggles. This kind of laughter is great medicine for our minds and hearts. There could also be an incredible story brewing. Suppose you keep your ideas in a diary or journal. Who knows? You may have the next best-seller steeping! So, get your computer or pencil. Ready? Write! Oh, and say hello to your pets for us!

C.A. Ritz ~ Author and Illustrator