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Las Vegas is fortunate to have so many wonderful willing people who volunteer their time and open their hearts and homes to animals in need.  Do you know someone who volunteers for an animal non-profit organization in Las Vegas who deserves special recognition for their service?

We would love to hear from you!
Complete the Nomination Form for your nominee and your contact information below.  We will select a volunteer to recognize in each issue. Submitting a nomination is a great way to celebrate volunteers and to thank them for their contributions to our community.

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* If your nominee for volunteer recognition is selected, we will contact you. 

Volunteers In Our Community

Bob Fullmer is a long-time surrender/foster director for Las Vegas Hot-Diggity Dachshund Club and Rescue. Rescuing and finding new “fur-ever” homes for “doxies in need” is 24/7 for Bob.  With great love and compassion, a foster dad/foster failure himself, Bob does many adoption events and fundraisers every month in the Las Vegas Valley.  He also does home-visits and works very closely with his many wonderful foster families. We like to call him our “doxie-whisperer”. We see the love in Bob’s eyes every time an adopted doxie and their family come to visit us at our events. I also want to say a huge THANK YOU to Kathy Moore, Julie Kuipers and her granddaughter, Raelynn, for their hard work to “save the world one wiener at time”!
~ Thank you, Sincerely Lillian Davidsen

The beauty of DARLA MARTIN is her willingness to volunteer with ANYONE who is rescuing or making the lives of animals better. On any given day she will find items on her front doorstep ranging from newspapers to plastic bags; dog food to bunny straw, used clothing to garage sale items as she is always relentlessly collecting needed items for all local rescues. Her van is full of donations and she delivers these items daily to whoever needs them. She attends as many fundraising events as possible and contributes by purchasing items that fund those rescues. Darla is active in many online groups which try to reunite lost pets as well as find homes for the many animals she has found. She has also played a major role in finding homes for and transporting pets from some of the rescues that have closed down. I am forever grateful that Darla, with all of her energy and organizational skills, chose Street Dogz. Some of the other groups she works with are: One Family Sanctuary, Bunnies Matter, ARP, Anchors Up, and Safe and Sound Volunteers Group. Darla is a CCSD Junior High School teacher and always has a pet club which collects donations throughout the year for local rescues. This summer she is taking a month to volunteer with the Elephant Sanctuary and The Man who Saves the Street Dogs of Thailand.
~ Thank you! Cheryl Noori

ALEXA FAHD is a 15 years old who has a huge heart with a special
place for all her furry friends! Her first experience with pet adoption was when we adopted a pet poodle when she was 8 years old. Fransis was scared, matted, abandoned, and probably beaten but with lots of love she flourished and is now a very happy 15 year old dog.
Alexa is currently Miss Las Vegas’ Outstanding Teen for the Miss America pageant system. Her platform is “Adopt don’t Shop” .  Alexa’s volunteer activities include collecting blankets for Paws For The Cause. She placed a decorated dog-themed box in the lobby of her dance studio for blanket donations. She also shared her blanket drive on social media. It was a big success and she collected over 100 blankets for Paws for the Cause!  In addition, she volunteered at The Animal Foundation’s Halloween Pet Costume Contest and Best in Show, as well as Meals on Wheels and Heaven Can Wait Animal Sanctuary.
~  Submitted by Jennifer Fahd ~ Proud mother of Alexa