Rescue Horse Helping People Through Horse Assisted Therapy

Poca – Rescue Horse Helping People Through Horse Assisted Therapy

Poca is Paradise Ranch’s old lady appaloosa, she was found running alone on Nellis Boulevard.  Beaten, starved, hooves so long she could hardly walk, and with a wound on her withers down to her spin; Poca had given up on people and life.  The rescue group LEAN took ownership of Poca and called Mr. Paul to help asses her.  Poca walked right over to Mr. Paul’s young daughter, placing her forehead into his daughter’s outstretched hand. It was love at first sight. Poca took many months to rehabilitate and it took time for her to learn to trust adults again; but she is now one of the client’s favorite horses.

Since joining the Paradise Ranch therapy team in 2012, Poca has helped hundreds of children and adults through Horse Assisted Therapy.  Poca is, admittedly, a favorite among the clients.  Poca lives at Mr. Paul’s family’s home a short five miles from Paradise Ranch.  The ranch boasts an indoor climate controlled arena, with soft sand, and gentle loving staff.  For this reason, Poca and her horse brothers and sisters argue over who gets to go to work for the day, no one minds the extra attention or afternoon naps indoors.  Poca is now in her (very) late 20’s, and is feeling great.  As an old lady she needs extra feed, beet pulp, and equine senior to help her keep her weight up.

One of the many examples of the impact Poca has on children; can be seen with a child who was in the foster care system because of abuse and neglect who found a close friend she could trust in Poca.  This little girl, who had a much harder life than most want to imagine in her mere 8 years on this earth, would lovingly brush Poca with tears streaming down her face and say “You are a good girl Poca.  You deserve to be loved and so do I.” Poca will live out the rest of her life safe and loved at Paradise Ranch.

– By Stephanie Rogers, Executive Director. Paradise Ranch Foundation 501(c)3 is a unique facility that offers Horse Assisted Therapy (HAT) sessions that benefits all ages.

Magnificent – their beauty and grace touch us deeply,  a mystical and magical connection is created. Poca, who graced our cover in
July/August 2013 exudes that beauty and grace, yet she is more than a gorgeous beautiful horse. Rescued by L.E.A.N. and officially adopted by Paradise Ranch on October 29, 2012, Poca is able to emotionally connect with people for whom emotional connections are difficult and for some, impossible.

L.E.A.N. stands for Local Equine Assistance Network. It is a unique horse nonprofit because it does not have a physical ranch or sanctuary. It operates as a network of fosters, volunteers and sponsors who rescue horses seized by or surrendered to the Animal Control agencies of Clark County, Nevada. L.E.A.N. horses are kept in private foster homes and cared for by the members of that barn.

L.E.A.N. started in 2012 and is celebrating their 5th year anniversary!  They have successfully adopted over 40 horses into loving homes. For more information about fostering, donating, or adopting: