Safe and Effective Aromatherapy for Pets

Safe and Effective Aromatherapy for Pets

By Dr. Nancy Brandt DVM, CVC, CAC

When we hear the word Aromatherapy we may think of things that smell good like bath salts and candles.  Aromatherapy actually is a medical modality used to treat a number of medical issues and is even taught in many medical schools.  This form of treatment has been around for many years and has a lot of research backing its use.

In the veterinary world there was little known about aromatherapy for pets until I undertook detailed clinical research in 1997, and studied its safe and effective use.  My research led to creating the first Veterinary Aromatherapy course.  I have lectured worldwide and taught many lay people and veterinarians the art of using therapeutic grade essential oils both safely and effectively with animals.

When you consider using essential oils in pets, first consider that these substances are very concentrated and can be harmful if used incorrectly.  Second, consider that animals have a far greater sense of smell than humans do and therefore less is better.  If you over stimulate the olfactory lobes of pets, they can be very uncomfortable.  Some oils even may cause harm, especially in felines.

When undertaking a therapeutic approach to using essential oils, please educate yourself to do the best you can for your pet.  Even though these substances are an over-the-counter item, using them correctly will serve both to be far more effective and, of course safer.

Essential oils when therapeutic grade, pure, unadulterated, and of the correct chemistry offer numerous healing benefits such as:

  • Lavender essential oil can mend a burn very quickly and without pain or scar.  It can also lift the spirits of a grieving pet and can help with skin issues and even assist in seizures.
  • Peppermint essential oil can fix stomach upset, dental disease and even assist in healing the liver.
  • Lemon essential oil can be a great way to clean the entire home without any chemicals which can drastically affect your pet’s health.
  • Clove essential oil can combat MRSA, the resistant bacteria.
  • Cilantro essential oil can combat resistant strains of tuberculosis.
  • Thyme and 72 other essentials oils can combat viral infections sometimes within 12 hours.
  • Frankincense essential oil can even combat cancers.

Most oils that are therapeutic grade, pure, unadulterated, and of the correct chemistry can combat infections of bacteria, yeast, viruses and parasites.  Sometimes only therapeutic oils can “kill the bug”.  Most essential oils can speed the healing of wounds by 50% or more.  All oils, if unaltered by chemicals or poor manufacturing techniques, are natural and safe for the environment.

Know your essentials oils, know how to use them and know how to trust them.  There are many examples of animals that have responded to essential oils at Natural Care Institute.  Things like chronic anal gland impactions, back pain, lameness, parvo disease, cancer and even skin diseases have responded very well.  There is more to aromatherapy than just smell.  These well researched concentrated plant extracts could be the answer you are looking for.  To learn more about the power of essential oils and to gain the best of what the plant world offers, go to the website for more information and class schedules.

Enjoy the amazing bond your furry friend offers you always.



Dr. Nancy Brandt DVM, CVC, CAC
Founder and Medical Director of Natural Care Institute LLC and, Pioneering Veterinarian in Aromatherapy, Author of First Veterinary Aromatherapy Course, Holistic Veterinary Practitioner
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