Summertime is Splash Time

Even if you don’t have a swimming pool, there are many water activities you can do in your own backyard.  By using items you already have, like a garden hose and a sprinkler, you and your furry friend can enjoy hours of fun playing in the water.  Hook up your sprinkler and play fetch through it.  (Don’t be surprised if your dog attacks the sprinkler itself!)  If you don’t have a sprinkler, try attaching a spray nozzle and create your own games.  Try squirting your dog’s favorite ball across the yard and see if he’ll chase it.  Getting wet and cool is the main goal.  If you’re wanting more of a pool experience, purchasing an inexpensive kiddie pool is always an option.  Favorite toys tossed in the pool are always a challenge to fetch.  For added entertainment, try freezing a water balloon to create a large, round ice-cube.  After removing the balloon material itself, toss it in the pool and watch your dog’s puzzled reaction.  He will undoubtedly enjoy having a huge slippery ice cube to play with!  When your dog is tired from playtime, he may also enjoy lying down in the pool for a long soak.  (Maybe YOU will as well!)

If you are feeling adventurous and seeking a new water experience, pack up your pup and head to the splash pad at Bark Park at Heritage Park in Henderson. Only dogs are allowed to play in the water and your pup will enjoy the numerous jumping sprays and ground sprays. The splash pad will provide cool, refreshing water fun and the opportunity to play with other dogs. The 5-acre Bark Park also features separate dog runs, agility course, walking trail, dog bone-themed benches, and drinking stations for both pets and people. The Bark Park is home to Barkules, a cute puppy mascot who loyally stands watch over the park. Bark Park at Heritage Park is located at 350 S. Racetrack Rd.  Splash pad dates and hours are from May 1 to September 30, 7am to 6pm.

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Another great option for summertime water activities is Lake Las Vegas Water Sports located at the beautiful Lake Las Vegas.  They offer many dog-friendly water activities including the rental of paddle-boards, pedal boats, and kayaks. Located at 20 Costa Di Lago Suite 130 in Henderson, Lake Las Vegas Water Sports offers a variety of exciting dog-friendly water activities within the breathtaking setting of Lake Las Vegas.

Whether you enjoy your pool time at home or at an outside facility, don’t forget your usual summertime pet care.  A doggie life vest is always a good idea especially for questionable or poor swimmers.  It will ultimately help their buoyancy and will not hinder their enjoyment of water activities in any way.  When aboard a boat or paddleboard, a doggie life vest is essential for all dogs.  And, no matter how much fun you’re having, don’t let your dog overdo it.  Take frequent breaks for a drink of fresh water and a rest in the shade.  After swimming, it is always a good idea to give your dog a rinse off or even a quick bath with shampoo. Towel dry your dog, making sure that the inside and outside of his ears are thoroughly dry. (Towel tug-of-war during this process is often unavoidable!)

Enjoy your summer with your favorite pool-side pooch.  
Have fun, be safe, and stay cool!