Certain foods have been labeled as having “empty calories” – you know the snacky-type food we reach for when we’re too tired or too busy to prepare a meal. They have lots of calories but almost zero nutrients and are high in sugar and fat. Superfoods are the opposite; they are nutritionally dense or rich in vitamins, minerals and proportionally lower in calories. AND Good News – these foods help us and our pets fight disease, boost energy and maintain good health.  Below we’ve listed to 3 superfoods safe for people and pets. Do not add salt or butter to keep them as a healthy food choice.

CARROTS are high high in beta-carotene which boosts night vision and helps protect eyes against cataracts. They also have lots of vitamins – A, C, & K, most of the B vitamins, fiber, potassium, and more. Cook and cut in small pieces for cats. Baby carrots are best for small dogs to avoid a choking hazard.

BROCCOLI has cancer-fighting powers, rich in eye-protecting lutein potassium, fiber and calcium. It can eaten raw or cooked and can help prevent skin and heart problems in older dogs.

PUMPKIN is high in carotenoids, potassium and vitamin C. High in soluble fiber which helps maintain a healthy digestive system. If you’re buying canned pumpkin buy pureed rather than pie filling which has added sugar or added spices.

Enjoy these foods and share with your pet!


Note: Introduce new food gradually, one at a time, in small portions for a few days to make sure your pet doesn’t have a reaction to the food.