Take Your Dog To Work Day

Dog at OfficeTYDTWDay®
June 24, 2016

That long string of letters means at least one day of happiness for some lucky people. The first Friday after Father’s Day (June 24, 2016) has evolved since 1999 to become Take Your Dog To Work Day!  While many countries have embraced the concept, it was started in the United States by Pet Sitters International (PSI) to celebrate our wonderful companions and encourage others to adopt a dog of their own.  An increasing number of companies are joining PSI in encouraging places of business and commerce to allow people to bring their four legged kid to work.  If you are fortunate and work for an organization which allows you to take your dog with you for the day, the following are some tips to help keep the love going.

Make sure you are prepared and have water and food bowls, as well as treats, on hand.  You should respect the boundaries of others (human or otherwise).  Some people may have allergies; some people may not be fond of any animals.  Keep your dog in your cubicle or office rather than allowing them to wander around and perhaps leave a gift in someone else’s area.  If your place of work has an open policy, check to see who else is bringing a friend and plan ahead whether it will be a good fit for all.

If you are not a member of the lucky ones, you might point out at work that surveys have found that allowing workers to bring their cat and/or dog to work helped relieve stress and improve morale.  It may be a “raise” to which your employer just might agree!


Take Your Dog To Work Day ®
Friday, June 24, 2016
“Make it YOUR business to help pets in need.”