Take Your Dog to Work

Celebrating All Pets At Work
Take Your Pet to Work Week® June 17 – June 21

Take Your Dog to Work Day ® will be celebrated Friday, June 21. It was started by Pet Sitters International to celebrate our wonderful companions and to encourage dog adoption. Now cats and all pets are able to participate in this event. Take Your Cat to Work Day® is June 17.

Here are a few tips to help you plan your pet’s visit:

PERMISSION – First, get permission from your employer. Share some of the benefits of pets in the workplace. It is extremely important to make sure your co-workers know that you will be bringing in your pet. If anyone has allergies or other issues talk with them about possible solutions to avoid problems.

PLAN AHEAD – The Pet Sitters International’s website has a wealth of ideas. There is a 7-page downloadable Toolkit which offers helpful tips. Find ways to encourage participation from your coworkers so it can be a fun workplace experience for everyone. (www.petsit.com/takeyourdog)

PICK A PROJECT – Another purpose of the event is to support the local pet community. Consider inviting a local rescue or shelter to visit and bring a few pets along that are in need of a loving home – maybe one of your coworkers will adopt one. Another idea is to collect wish list items for a shelter or rescue and deliver them during the week.

PETIQUETTE – This one is so important. Create a checklist for your pet so you’ll have everything you need for your pet’s visit. Bring water and food dishes, a supply of food and snacks, bed and potty break items. Have a variety of toys to keep your pet busy so they can be good “employees”. Have someone available to pick up your pet in case the visit is a disaster. A successful short visit is far better than a disastrous long visit.

Enjoy your pets at work!

For More Information, visit: www.takeyourdog.com