Tax Time Tips For Volunteers

You’ve opened your homes, your hearts, and your wallets – the returns on your investment are joy and love – however, the IRS may also have a little extra reward for your volunteering and fostering.

At tax time, animal-rescue volunteers can claim charitable deductions for certain expenses incurred in animal rescue work. For example, some out-of-pocket fostering expenses that could be claimed include animal feed, medicines, cat litter, litter boxes, pet dishes, etc Some allowable deductions for volunteers include expenses traveling to and from animal shelters, veterinarians, committee meetings, and fundraising events.

You must establish that the expenses incurred were to further the efforts of the charitable organization. Accurate records are important – all expenses need to be documented. For expenses over $250 the IRS requires a letter from the charity describing and placing a good faith estimate on the value of your services.

Check with your tax professional to discuss these potential deductions to confirm that they are legitimate for your personal financial and tax situation.