Winter Tips To Keep Your Pet Healthy & Active

Woof Fellow Las Vegans!

By Arbor – GoVegasDog

I’m sure I am not the only one looking in the mirror this morning wondering what happened to my pre-holiday figure.  After Halloween treats, Thanksgiving meats and Christmas sweets it is hard not to add a few extra pounds to your hind quarters.  Not to mention, the colder weather makes my pawrents less inclined to take me out for long walks or visits to the park.

I thought this would be a good time to share some winter tips to keep your pup healthy and active during the winter season.

For starters, even in the winter, the weather here in Las Vegas can still be very agreeable for outdoor walks.  Instead of using the colder temperatures as an excuse to stay inside, throw on a jacket and scarf and lets take a brisk walk, it will be good for the both of us.

Once in awhile it can get abnormally cold here in the desert, so you do have to be careful about going out with your pup during those times.  Use yourself as a guide, if you are feeling frigid, chances are Fifi or Fido are too.  Of course, a short-haired pup like a Chihuahua is going to get chillier a lot quicker than a Husky.  This is also a good time to address dressing your dog, which I feel is not only fashionable but also a functional necessity.   I love to wear my shimmery, gold vest, with faux leopard print lining, when I am attending an outdoor event in January.  Yes, the only real fur I wear is my own.

Even if you do decide to stay inside during the winter you still have plenty of options.  Spend time with your dog practicing doggie obedience or fun tricks, it stimulates their mind and their body.  I recommend using a toy as a reward instead of treats, so you can keep those calories down.  My pawrents will sometimes use the stairs in our house as a way for me to burn off some energy.  They’ll toss a ball up to the top, I’ll chase after it and bring it back.  It’s great fun and good tiring activity.  If you happen to have a treadmill in the house, lots of dogs can learn to trot along to get a good cardio workout, just make sure you supervise your pooch.  Start by leading them with a treat and before you know it they’ll be a pro just like me!

If you want to get out of the house, but stay indoors, another good option is doggie day care where your pup can play with friends for a couple of hours.  You could also sign up for training or agility classes at one of the several indoor facilities around Las Vegas.

You see, there are other options besides waiting around for it to warm up.  Whether you stay in or go out, you can keep your pups healthy and spend some quality time with them as well.

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