World Pet Memorial Day

World Pet Memorial Day

Pet Lovers – we have loved and we have lost!

Probably all of us have loved and lost many pets throughout our lives. From childhood through adolescence and all phases of adulthood there were pets who shared our lives.

June 10, 2016 is World Pet Memorial Day, a day set aside to remember and to honor all the animals who shared our lives – from the smallest to the largest, hamsters, guinea pigs, gerbils, fish, turtles, small and large birds, cats, dogs, horses, and many more. A day we can spend some reflecting upon how much they all enriched our lives and to take some time to honor and thank them.

A few ideas for honoring your pets:
– Create a scrapbook or photo album.
– Write about your pet.
– Write a letter to your pet telling how much they meant to you and thanking them for being a part of your life.

Pet loss/grief is very deep and personal. It is a devastating experience and the sense of emptiness and loss is often overwhelming. Their absence is felt in our hearts and in our homes. Often our grief is silenced or shorted by caring people who want to rush us through our grief process.

If you are experiencing a recent pet loss or unfinished pet loss grieving – our hearts go out to you – please take some comfort knowing that though it feels like you are alone – there are many people who understand and would love to hug you and say: We are so sorry for your loss.