Summer – with its longer days and shorter nights is an invitation for lightness and laughter. We eat lighter; we wear lighter clothes; our schedules are lighter. Vacations offer a break from daily routines. There aren’t as many pet events scheduled because of the heat. Summer gives us permission to laugh and play more.

Many of us hibernate indoors during the extreme heat of summer. A great way to use this extra indoor time is to spend quality time with our pets. We can help them learn a new trick or play a new game that will be fun the entire family. Adding some newness to our playtime will enrich and enhance our relationships with our pets.

Do you have extra time or are you looking for an activity to do as a family? Local rescues and shelters still hold regular pet adoptions and always appreciate visitors. They always appreciate volunteers regardless of the season.

We still need to be responsible about taking care of our pets in the hot summer heat and sharing that message with other people.

Balance your responsibilities with lightness & laughter.
Enjoy the summer – stay cool and stay safe!

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