Love Your Pet Day - WebsiteAh! February – the month of love! We have two marvelous days set aside to express our love to our family and friends — Valentine’s Day and National Love Your Pet Day!

Valentine’s Day – Some of our earliest school memories are of decorating boxes or bags for taking home the Valentine Cards from our school friends. The cute sayings on the heart-shaped candies were fun too. It’s still a fun day for older “kids” to either give or receive chocolates in beautifully decorated boxes, romantic cards, flowers, and other expressions of friendship and love.

Our pets have a special day of their own – National Love Your Pet Day is an “unofficial” day to express our love and affection for our pets. They give us so much – they give us unconditional love and acceptance. We can show our appreciation by buying our pet a special treat or a new toy or by taking them on a long walk. It is a wonderful day for pampering them with extra love and attention.

Happy Valentine’s Day and Happy Love Your Pet Day!



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