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Ah, February.
What an exciting month!!

There are big sales for Presidents’ Day. Folks head down to New Orleans for Mardi Gras. It’s Black History month. There is also a day in February which strikes fear and dread in most men’s hearts and expectation and hope in most women’s hearts, otherwise known as Valentine’s Day. And now you can put a big circle around another date for love in February. February 20th is the official Love Your Pet Day!  While we love our pets unconditionally all year round, you can use this opportunity to totally indulge them on their special day of love.

The origin of this celebration appears to be unknown, but what a lovely idea. You can spend the day giving your pet a little extra time – playing with them or just cuddling them. You can bring home a special toy, gift or treat. Instead of opening a can or a bag of food you can cook them a special meal for them. They will love the extra time and attention. At the end of the day, you can all curl up on the couch and watch Animal Planet together.

If you don’t have a pet to love, you might use this special occasion to adopt or foster. You can also make a donation in the memory of a loved pet who is no longer with you.

However you spend the day of February 20th, make it a special day for you and your pet!

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