PS-0915 BannerFALL IS COMING SOON – The seasons help mark the changes in our lives – fall is a time to reflect. We become more aware of the passing of time. Often we hear the expression how time flies. The phrase probably comes from literature references: Shakespeare – “the swiftest hours, as they flew,” and Alexander Pope, “swift fly the years.”  Time has flown by for us. We published our first issue in September 2011. When we reflect on the past four years one word comes to mind – change. The most difficult and painful experiences were because of health changes in our family and friends, both pets and people, and the loss of so many of them. Yes, swift fly the years – take time now to cherish your family and friends, spend time now creating memories for future reflection.

Fall also means cooler weather and that means more pet events and opportunities to have fun with family and friends. Most of them are pet-friendly and offer opportunities for you and your pet to have fun together. Many of the pet events are sponsored by local rescues and shelters for FUN and FUNdraising. Attending the pet events supports our local rescues and shelters in their efforts to raise the funds needed to continue their work of saving the pets of Las Vegas.

FUN for you and FUNDS for the rescues and shelters – a winning combination!

The Calendar of Events page on our website is updated regularly to help you keep current with what is happening in the Las Vegas pet community. We also post events, items of interest, inspirational, educational, and humorous topics on our Facebook page.

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