LVPS-0914 PubSummer with its heat is slowly giving way to the cooler days of fall. With cooler weather the calendar fills up quickly with numerous special events. The pet community is no exception. There are so many events that offer opportunities to have fun, to learn about rescues and shelters, and to be part of the larger pet community.  Be sure to check our website for additional events or event updates and to follow us on facebook for event reminders.

This issue is a major milestone for us. It is our 19th issue and marks the beginning of our fourth year of publishing the Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine. Every venture has a starting point. Ours started when we decided to do a pet publication. Our passion is pets and we wanted help bring the pet community together. Very few ventures, professional or personal, survive and thrive without a group of dedicated people to help and support the endeavor. We are so grateful for the many people who have given support and encouragement – our readers, our advertisers, our writers, and our distribution people. Thank you!

We look forward to our continuing journey together…..

 Your friends at the Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine

The Calendar of Events page on our website is updated regularly to help you keep current with what is happening in the Las Vegas pet community. We also post events, items of interest, inspirational, educational, and humorous topics on our Facebook page.

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