English Cocker Spaniel dog and cat lie together. looking at cameAre you getting a new pet?  Have you considered adopting an older dog or cat? I know – who can resist the antics of a rambunctious kitten or puppy? They’re fun and adorable – they bring out maternal and paternal instincts in us. They’re so cute and cuddly. They’re so much fun to play with. We imagine the fun we’ll have with them as they grow and become our best friends. Stop though and consider a few things:

Puppies & kittens can be “destructive” as they go through the baby and adolescent stages of development.  Puppies chew on everything in sight – slippers, table legs; kittens can shred furniture and carpeting. They love to dig in plants or overturn your potted plants.  You definitely need to “puppy or kitten” proof your home before getting one.

Puppies & kittens have lots of energy. They require a lot of time and energy to cleaning up after them, keeping them safe and to helping them to use up their excess energy constructively.

Still unsure?  Here are a few more considerations:

  • Puppies and kittens change as they age so you don’t always know what they’ll look like when they’re full grown. With an older dog or cat you know their size and physical characteristics. You have a better idea of their temperament and health.
  • Older pets make great companions especially for older people or less active people who perhaps do not have the energy to keep up with an active kitten or puppy.
  • Older pets do not require as much supervision so they can left along for longer periods of time making them excellent pets of choice for a busy person.
  • Older pets are trainable and some studies indicate that older pets have a longer attention span and benefit from training more than younger pets.
  • Adopt a pet – save a life!  This is especially true when you adopt an older pet. Senior shelter pets have very poor odds of being adopted.  Older pets seem to recognize that you giving them a second chance and often show their appreciation by forming an instant and close bond with their new owners.

Adopt a senior pet – you truly are saving a life!

Blessed is the person who has earned the love of an old dog. ~ Sydney Jeanne Seward

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