COVID-19 and Pets

Every day there is a great deal of important information reported about COVID 19 and it is difficult to keep up the reading. The following is a brief overview of a few items that we feel are important to know about taking care of our pets during this unprecedented time in our lives.

Many people are concerned about catching the coronavirus from their dog or cat. At this time there is no evidence that companion animals (primarily dogs and cats) can spread the coronavirus to people. This is great news! The physical distancing necessary to reduce the spread of the coronavirus, has made us even more aware of the vital role they play in our lives. They are family; they are an essential part of our social network. We need them to help us get through this pandemic.

There are a few recommendations from experts regarding pets. Wash your hands before and after handling a pet and do not kiss them or let them lick you. Practice physical distancing when walking your dog – always stay 6 feet away from other people and their pets.  Some research shows that viral droplets could survive on a pet’s fur for a couple of hours. So it is best to not let other people touch your pet or for you to touch other people’s pets.

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