Easter, Rabbits & Small Children Are Not A Good Match

Look at that cute bunny! Your child would love that cuddly and furry real live bunny – you think it would make a wonderful addition to their Easter basket. STOP… carefully proceed with caution:  Young children like to snuggle, cuddle and carry their pets – this frightens and scares most rabbits. Unfortunately many children are scratched or bitten accidentally by a scared rabbit – the excitement of the bunny turns into a painful experience for your child. Rabbits are fragile and many are seriously hurt when they are accidentally dropped by children. A better choice is to buy your child a toy rabbit for cuddling and snuggling this Easter.

Rabbits are small pets yet they have huge requirements. Many uninformed new bunny owners when faced with the realities of how much care a rabbit requires decide to “return” the gift. They take their child’s Easter Gift to a shelter or perhaps worse, they release it outdoors to fend for itself.

The following two articles will give you a general idea of what having a rabbit as a pet entails.  If you decide that a pet rabbit is the best choice for you and your family, please consider adoption. There are so many pet rabbits whose owners did not do their homework and who made the decision to surrender them.



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