Have A Safe Thanksgiving With Your Pets

Is it safe to share the bounty of the Thanksgiving feast with your pet?

There are many traditional Thanksgiving foods that are perfectly safe to share with your pet. It is important, however, to keep table treats simple and small.

KEEP IT SIMPLE – One of the hazards of sharing human food with our pets is that our food is usually too rich and highly seasoned and can create problems for them.

KEEP IT SMALL – Another hazard is giving them large amounts of table treats especially if a number of people are feeding these “snacks” to your pet. Another temptation is to give them too many unfamiliar foods at one time; even safe foods can cause stomach upsets or allergic reactions.

UNSAFE FOODSX Turkey skin/bones  X Fatty foods  X Gravy  X Stuffing  X Breads (anything made with yeast which can cause painful gas and bloating)  X Onions  X Garlic  X Raisins  X Grapes X Nuts  X Mushrooms X Chocolate  X Alcohol. There are other unsafe foods but these are popular ones included in many Thanksgiving feasts.

SAFE FOODSTurkey  Cooked vegetables such as green beans  Sweet potatoes  Cranberries  Yams  Pumpkin  Carrots Kale Broccoli  Fruits such as apples, blueberries. 

REMEMBER SIMPLE… no butter, spices, added sugar or other ingredients. Many baking ingredients include baking soda, baking powder, nutmeg and other spices which are potentially toxic to pets.

There are a few other items that will help keep your pet safe this Thanksgiving:

SECURE THE TRASH! Many medical emergencies happen after the feast because pets have gotten into the trash. The trash can smells can be irresistible yet it contains many hazards such as unsafe food, foil, plastic wrap and more. Make sure your trash is placed in a secure container.

GUARD THE DOORS! Many pets have escaped while guests are arriving or leaving your home. Unfortunately some get lost. Note – the holiday season is a wonderful time to check to make sure your microchip information and other forms pet IDs are up-to-date.

CREATE A QUIET SAFE SPACE for your pet to escape if the noise or stress become too much for them.

Wishing you and your pets a safe & Happy Thanksgiving!

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