August 15th is National Check The Chip Day

This event was created by the American Animal Hospital Association and the American Veterinary Medical Association with support from HomeAgain to encourage pet owners to check their pet’s microchip information annually and keep it up-to-date. By doing this yearly, you increase your pet’s chances of returning home if lost!

Adventure is out there, protect your pet!

– By Alexa Rabini

Once upon a time there was a dog named Daisy. She was a happy pup with a loving family! Daisy spent her days begging for food, going on neighborhood walks and playing outside in the yard. But one day while she was chasing a bird, it suddenly got dark and started to rain. Daisy was so scared she panicked and crawled under the gate! Looking for her family, she just kept running and running. When the rain finally stopped, she didn’t know where she was or where her family went. Luckily for Daisy, Alexa was out taking her dog Lily for a walk. She found Daisy and took her back to her house to keep her safe until she could find her family. Daisy was given a warm bed and a fresh bowl of water. But she was very sad and missed her family very much. Daisy’s family returned home from dinner and couldn’t find her anywhere. They called their neighbors and asked if anyone had seen her. Fortunately, Daisy’s family had her microchipped the year before and the registration information was current. The next morning Alexa took her to the nearest veterinarian and they found her chip. Alexa called Daisy’s family and told them that she was safe. Daisy was so happy to see her family! Because of her microchip and an up-to-date registration, Daisy and her family were reunited.
August 15th is National Check The Chip Day Microchips are the size of a rice grain and do not cause your pet any pain. ID tags can easily be damaged or removed.

Alexa Rabini is Pet Care Consultant at Pets of Las Vegas.


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