Pet Safety In The Garage

When you picture your garage, what do you see? Sharp objects? Heavy machinery? Hazardous and flammable materials? Do you envision a safe environment for your pets to be in? Would you keep your pet in a garage for any period of time, or would you worry for their safety and health?

Chances are, your garage isn’t the safest place for your pet to be in. However, where your pet goes isn’t always in your control. Someone leaves a door open, or your pet follows you into the garage. Regardless, it’s a wise decision to carefully prepare the garage just in case an accident does occur. The following four points are some ideas that will help you prepare your garage to be a safe place for your pet.

  1. Keep hazardous materials placed high above the ground and out of reach. Pets are notorious for finding small things to chew on and even swallow. Your pet isn’t at fault for this, it’s just part of their instinct. Keep an eye out for potential “chew toys”, small objects, or chemicals that could pose a lethal threat to your pet.
  2. Ensure there are no sharp objects within reach or laying on the floor. These include power tools, knives, even nails and screws. If you have recently used a power tool, make sure there are no sharp metal shavings that your pet can step on.
  3. Electrical wiring must be kept out of reach. You can purchase wire protector or wrap duct tape around the wire. Another option is to ensure the wiring is tucked away behind a desk or is pressed up against the base of the wall, increasing the likelihood that it will be out of sight, and out of mind for your pet.
  4. The garage is often utilized as storage space, which may include boxes and objects piled on top of each other, in high places like shelves, or on top of cabinets. The main concern here is to simply ensure that these items are secure and maintain no risk of falling down if knocked over. Depending on the size of your pet, it can be extremely dangerous by not taking care of these stacked and stored items.

These are just a few ideas on how you can ensure your garage is a safe place for your pet. You never know what might happen. Protect your pet by preparing for the worst.

Matt works for Custom Garage Storage Solutions. He enjoys traveling with his wife, spending time with his Rhodesian Ridgebacks, and spending time with friends.


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