COOL Products to Keep Your Pet Cool!

Legally, when the National Weather Service issues an Excessive Heat Warning Clark County requires that you provide supplemental cooling for your pet.  Plus, keeping our pets cool and safe during the hot Vegas summer heat is part of being a loving and caring pet parent.

Pets can get dehydrated quickly so make sure they always have fresh, clean water available. Consider adding ice cubes to their water dish or fountain to keep it cool a little longer.

PET WATER BOTTLE Always carry water with you to keep your dog from dehydrating. Offer small drinks frequently rather than one large drink.

WATER FOUNTAIN Hydration is essential. Water fountains provide fresh running water which pets like. Creating water stations in various locations in your home will encourage pets to drink more frequently. Cats especially need extra enticement to drink water.











Dogs need to exercise in the summer, however, take extra caution in this extreme heat. Taking your pet for walks in very early morning or late evening is recommended. Remember, hot pavements can burn sensitive paw pads and pavements can be extremely hot even later in the day.

DOG BOOTS Protect your dog’s paws from the hot pavement by wearing dog booties. Note: dogs “perspire” through their paws – take breaks and remove boots periodically to prevent overheating.

COOLING VEST Some are filled with water and others are filled with gel, but they both work by pulling the heat away from your dog’s body. There are also neck wraps or bandanas designed for cooling, too. For keeping your furry friend comfy at home, there are cooling mats for the floor.












If possible, bring your pets inside especially puppies, older or obese dogs, or dogs with medical conditions. Certain breeds such as Pugs, Boston Terriers, or other flat-faced dogs are also more susceptible to overheating and hot weather problems.

When your pet is outside make sure they have a shady place to get out of the sun and that they have access to cool drinking water. Small child swimming pools, cooling mats, and misting systems can also keep dogs cool when outside.

And, don’t forget the sunglasses!

PLASTIC KIDDIE POOL A plastic kiddie pool or large tub might be a great option if your dog loves water. Many dogs love playing or lounging in the cool water.

SUNGLASSES OR GOGGLES Protecting your dog’s eyes from UV rays or debris is just as important as protecting your own. That’s where the dog sunglasses and doggy goggles can help! Plus they’ll be the coolest dog around town!













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